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I have noticed that there is a ton of information out there on the net to help us become successful business owners and there are certain things that we must do in order to get our products out there and noticed and to get the buyers to us.

So I'm hoping that we can all share with each other "our tips" of "what works" and "what does not work".

February 28, 2009

CRUISE READY STORE - Best Site Contest Winner


Cruise Ready Store is a specialty store carrying a selection of items of interest to the cruising community. If you’re looking for Cruise Accessories or Memorabilia, Cruise Ready is ready for you!

Established: March 26, 2008, to share a love of cruising with likeminded souls, and help others to always be Cruise Ready.

Owner: A cranky old lady who is fortunate to live within minutes of a sea port. She and her oh-so patient husband have taken around 30 cruises, and are always ready for their next one. She is also a Steward (moderator) on one of the net’s most popular cruise forums, A successful business owner for 14 years, Cruise Ready Store is her latest entrepreneurial venture.


Cruise Gear

We have things you just might find indispensible for on your next cruise, from Cruise Shirts and swim cover-ups for day to evening accessories for formal night, like evening bags, formal snoods, nautical cuff links and tie bars, and more.

Take some of our Ginger candies along just in case of rough seas, and we have lanyards with holders for your ship ID card.

Bon Voyage Gifts

While just about any one of our items would make a great gift for an avid cruiser, we do have a small selection of especially made up Bon Voyage Cruise Gift packs … complete with Bon Voyage gift tags.

Cruise Mementos

We have a very nice, and nicely growing, collection of cruise mementos for you to choose from. You’ll find items from Carnival and Princess, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity, Cunard, Holland America, Norwegian, and other lines. Come and browse any time… you’re sure to see something that will bring back memories.

See what’s new at Cruise Ready today… you might find a perfect tote bag, or that travel alarm clock you’ve been meaning to get – or maybe a memento to cherish from a ship you’ve cruised or one you wish you could have.

And, speaking of new . . . if you’re new to cruising, be sure to check out our Tips for New Cruisers, and Cruising Links pages.

Top 10 and a Half Reasons to Bonanzle

  • 10. See one item, see 'em all. Your items are no longer rubber duckies lost in an ocean of items. On Bonanzle, if a buyer sees one of your items, they'll see up to 8 others prominently featured. Sellers sell faster, buyers find what they want more quickly.
  • 9. Offers on your terms. Name your price on a custom-made group of items from a seller. Whee! and deal.
  • 8. Cheap, cheap, cheap! The presentation might be slick here, but that doesn't mean you're getting fleeced. Bonanzle keeps overhead low by using open source technology and Google-like strategies and we pass our savings on to you. What will you pay to Bonanzle? How about nothing unless you're a power seller?
  • 7. Importers. eBay and Craigslist item importers mean you can start Bonanzling in seconds.
  • 6. Price guesser. Why spend five minutes logging onto eBay and item searching to figure out how to price your item, when you can have us tell you in five seconds?
  • 5. Picture cropper. Why didn't anybody think of this before? Take few pictures, post many items.
  • 4. Go from "want it" to "possess it" in minutes. Sellers can pre-specify when items can be picked up from them, so you can search for items that can be picked up soon, today, or now.
  • 3. The miraculous one page, one minute item post. Who knew that posting an item for sale could be done with five simple fields and no page loads?
  • 2. Chat while shopping. Buying and selling is the destination, but we bet you'll have more fun on the journey than at the destination. Where else can you meet people who live nearby you with similar interests, and still buy and sell items faster than eBay?
  • 1. Bonanza! The site is called "Bonanzle" for a reason! A Bonanza is a live garage sale that proves the universal truth that your stuff + lots of people = $ $ $ !
  • 1/2. Simple is beautiful.

About Bonanzle

About Bonanzle

Prior to the web's arrival in the mid-90's, when you bought an item from a seller, you saw their face and learned their name. And if you weren't in a hurry, you talked. Two people that share tastes in clothes, collectibles, or high end purses have a connection that lends itself to good conversation. Feedback systems hadn't been invented, but through conversing with a seller, you reliably determined their credibility. If you were a smooth talker, you'd finish the discussion by negotiating a lower price on your target item. There was a lot right in how person-to-person commerce worked before the web.

Of course, there was also a lot wrong with it: playing endless phone tag, driving to the seller's house, and not being able to see your item before you played endless phone tag and drove to the seller's house. As such, when eBay was released in 1995, buyers breathed a sigh of relief at the newfound convenience. Many buyers and sellers forgot the benefits of having real people involved in the transactions, and quickly settled in for countless anonymous transactions.

At Bonanzle, we're through with settling. We've created a marketplace focused on the type of items that people are passionate about: items that you can't find mass produced on Amazon, like purses, clothing, antiques, jewelry, memorabilia, and collectibles (we call our niche "everything but the ordinary"). Then, we round up the people that are passionate about these items, and we make it easy to get back the benefits you gave up when became faceless.

Negotiate in real time, browse through hand-picked items, visit a virtual garage sale (we call them " Bonanzas"), or just get wished a happy birthday. Shopping with the friendliest social community online, we hope you'll discover there's a lot to like about making people relevant again.

About The Team

The Bonanzle team is comprised of action-minded experts whose first priority is giving users an experience that makes them feel like they rule.


Bill Harding, Founder

Bill's long history of entrepreneurial pursuits began at age 11, when he founded a candy store within his elementary school that grossed hundreds of dollars annually. Bill's passion for seeing a great idea become reality has continued ever since, with a series of profitable businesses stretching from a self-published magazine to an online laptop store to a casual games development team.

Bill founded Bonanzle in January of 2007. He now spends his time as the lead programmer and chief vision keeper of Bonanzle, ensuring that the site continues to develop as the simplest and most user friendly marketplace online.

Most recently before Bonanzle, Bill he worked as the technical lead on a series of multi-million dollar Nintendo DS titles at Amaze Entertainment. He graduated the University of Washington Computer Software Systems program with a BS.


Mark Dorsey, Co-Founder

Mark is no stranger in the world of start-ups. Mark was bit by the entrepreneurial bug in 1997 when he founded Dorsey Floral LLC. In 2001 Mark's company was recognized by The Puget Sound Business Journal as "One of Washington's 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies." After more than twenty years in the floral industry Mark was ready for a new challenge.

Mark joined Bonanzle in June of 2008 as the Chief Raconteur. A Raconteur is "One who tells stories and anecdotes with skill and wit." Mark's main focus is to help refine and carry out our marketing efforts.

And That's Not All...!

Also significantly involved in creating Bonanzle and deserving of a big thanks: Jordan (programming), Zac (design), Bob (programming), geoffco design (initial prototype and

February 27, 2009

Featured Bonanzle Shop #1 Noodles886

Do you love that country feeling as much as I do? Here is a shop that has that feeling.

She sells country items as well as other items. If you would like to visit her shop at
Bonanzle just go to,
She also make handcrafted signs and do custom orders.
Come Bonanzle with us. It's alot of fun.

Apple Wall Hanging. Stenciled on stretched canvas and hung from its own black-scrolled metal dowel, this country wall hanging is a sweet accent for the kitchen! Hanging cord included. 13"L x 11"W.

Jafra Skin Care

Baysbeauty Skin Care - Jafra Skin Care

Baysbeauty Skin Care Jafra Skin Care
Jafra Cosmetics is a worldwide leader in the skin care and beauty industry. Work and play with confidence with our premium Jafra Skincare line, tailored to the needs of your skin; Jafra Make up, Jafra Fragrances, complete Jafra Baby care line for the entire family.

Complete Skin Care: Jafra provides a complete Skin Care Program that addresses the skin's daily needs to be thoroughly cleansed, moisturized, and protected from the elements. Jafra meets these needs with skin care products specially formulated for specific skin types.

Jafra has been helping women look and feel their very best since 1956. Our complete line of over 400 products to pamper you from head to toe, Jafra is committed to empowering women to look beautiful, to feel confident and to be their best. Pamper yourself today!

Are You Looking For A Friendly Forum

Peer support for online business owners where sellers help sellers to help our online E-Commerce Business grow by having a place of resources and support along with help in promoting ourselves and each other.

February 17, 2009

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February 15, 2009

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You will find many high-end designer brand names here, that you know and like. I have lots of high-end items at Blow-@ut prices that are up to 80% below retail. If you like name brands and designer apparel, I have something for you! Come see!! I am a member of the (BAC) Bonanzle Action Club. We are a group of Bonanzle booth owners who love this site and are devoted to getting the word out about this exciting and fun new selling venue.

NWT Tommy Bahama Twist Bandeau Padded Bikini Swimsuit

New Seven 7 premium Jeans Cuffed Cropped Crystals 27 31

New Ralph Lauren Polo US Open tennis skirt XL

NWT Rozae NBichols /suede leather pants jacket outfit HOT

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Pushcatmans Football Cards@Bonanzle


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February 14, 2009

Surf4Bargains Top Surfer Placement

Each Month!

The Top 5 Surfers for the month will receive one month banner placement on the Surf4Bargains Home Page and on the Surf4Bargains Blogging and Networking pages listed below.
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Surf4Bargains Top Surfers
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Happy Valentine's Day!

February 13, 2009

Reallysmartdeals Special Valentines Day BONUS

Hello - SellingLounge

Thank you for choosing Reallysmartdeals for your online advertising needs.

It is bonus time again.

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