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We are a friendly forum where sellers help sellers to help our/your online E-Commerce Business grow by having a place of resources and support along with help in promoting ourselves and each other.

I have been selling on line since 2003 in which I started out with eBay where I was doing very well as a Powerseller until all the fee hikes and changes. I then opened up my first Website almost 2 years ago and have been a member of a few very nice informative E-Commerce Forums and have learned so much about this new world of online selling that I wanted to have all my information in one place to help me succeed and by doing that helping others at the same time.

I have noticed that there is a ton of information out there on the net to help us become successful business owners and there are certain things that we must do in order to get our products out there and noticed and to get the buyers to us.

So I'm hoping that we can all share with each other "our tips" of "what works" and "what does not work".

February 5, 2009



Follow steps 1 through 6.

Scroll down the page until you see this area....

Then...scroll to the top of the page and click Save All Options. Next....go to your my bonanzle page and click on Batch Edit Items

That will take you to this page....
Note: Bill sent me this note a few days ago: "I changed the batch edit page last week so you don't have to click "See all options" to see the booth custom categories anymore. Also, you don't have to select "For sale" where the item's status is set -- the batch editor will only pay attention to whatever radio button you have checked, which in this case would be the radio button next to setting the items' custom categories."

After clicking on Show all possible options, all of the categories you set up on your Advanced options page will show up on this part of the same page. Choose the category you want, then make sure to go down the page and mark the items you want in that particular category.

After you have clicked on "Submit" for the items for that category, at the top of the page you will see a message that "x" number of items have been successfully categorized. Then just repeat the same steps for each custom category.

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