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I have been selling on line since 2003 in which I started out with eBay where I was doing very well as a Powerseller until all the fee hikes and changes. I then opened up my first Website almost 2 years ago and have been a member of a few very nice informative E-Commerce Forums and have learned so much about this new world of online selling that I wanted to have all my information in one place to help me succeed and by doing that helping others at the same time.

I have noticed that there is a ton of information out there on the net to help us become successful business owners and there are certain things that we must do in order to get our products out there and noticed and to get the buyers to us.

So I'm hoping that we can all share with each other "our tips" of "what works" and "what does not work".

January 18, 2010

Kelea's Kollections and The Selling Lounge

Keleka ’s Kollections Jewelry & The Selling Lounge

I would like to start this post by saying this posting is long overdue. Above you will find a banner that will navigate you to one of my favorite places called the Selling Lounge. This is a friendly forum where Sellers help Sellers.

I am proud to say I am a moderator at the Selling Lounge and I truly love it. Here you will find such amazing people who are willing to help you succeed with your on line business with such sincerity it is actually mind blowing !

In this forum I have said more than once and with no doubt more than twice, without this lounge/forum Keleka’s Kollections would not be up and running.

I started this business due to a home based jewelry business where my clients would ask me “Why don’t you have a website” so I then decided to put my jewelry on a website…Well it is not that simple, there is marketing, learning how to submit to major search engines, using the correct keywords, tagging, RSS feeds,blogging etc. the list is endless! This is where I feel a angel guided me towards the Selling Lounge and once I found it I stayed!

The Selling Lounge owner Debi has the patience of a saint and through countless emails has taught me new informative strategies to help my website grow in the direction I had planned. Also in the lounge you will find on-line sellers who go out of their way to help you if you have a problem and they do this effortless, I know now these are all people which whom I never met or spoke with I can now without question call my friends.

Having been a moderator at the Selling Lounge for a long time , I can only tell you I am with some of the hardest working people in this industry. On-line business owners who never give up , they remain optimistic even when things sometimes aren’t going as well as they should.

Along with many categories in this lounge pertaining to business you will also find games, Learning New Organic Tips with Diana, Dancing with the Stars, Jokes from Vinewood, Who ate what for Dinner, What is in your backyard, A place for prayers for our members who may not feeling be well, Birthdays, American Idol, Shout outs with Keleka, Contests,you name it’s there. In fact if you see something that is missing you can join and then start your own thread. You will also receive the friendliest Welcome on the Internet from such Warm sincere people who really care.

I am happy to say I now have a few successful on line businesses and a customer base which I am so proud of. I pride myself with customer care being the number one priority. As a owner of on-line businesses I can honestly say each sale still feels like the first sale. Words cannot explain the honor I feel when someone places a purchase on my site. The feeling is not describable!

In Closing I will say I continue learning something new everyday here at the Selling Lounge and again I know for a fact I would not still be selling online if it was not for the Selling Lounge. Do yourself a favor and come join the this fantastic forum where you will learn how to navigate your websites to the direction in which you plan and have fun doing it at the same time!

Keleka ’s Kollections

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