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I have been selling on line since 2003 in which I started out with eBay where I was doing very well as a Powerseller until all the fee hikes and changes. I then opened up my first Website almost 2 years ago and have been a member of a few very nice informative E-Commerce Forums and have learned so much about this new world of online selling that I wanted to have all my information in one place to help me succeed and by doing that helping others at the same time.

I have noticed that there is a ton of information out there on the net to help us become successful business owners and there are certain things that we must do in order to get our products out there and noticed and to get the buyers to us.

So I'm hoping that we can all share with each other "our tips" of "what works" and "what does not work".

April 28, 2009

Dog Dish Store

Since my 5 year old daughter was born I have had a strong desire to become a stay-at-home mom. My husband doesn’t have the greatest work history or skills to get a high paying job to support my desire so I had to take it upon myself to try and make it work. I have a 3 year old son as well... I shouldn't leave him out of the mix. :)

I thought working for myself would be the best option. I needed it to be not time consuming because I wanted to be a mom while I was at home not a working mom. There are soooo many sites out there that claim to get you rich quick. One wanted me to market them and I don’t even think they had a product. It was just marketing this “idea.” I think you would call that a pyramid scheme. Luckily I didn’t pay for too many endeavors.

I signed up for a dropshipping company in the process of trying to find a stay-at-home mom carrier. I was given a website with little flexibility to optimize it for search engines and NO flexibility in adding to their week descriptions so I lost interest in that after a while. After a certain point I committed myself to no more investing in the idea of stay-at-home mom. There are plenty of internet ventures that are free. Or close to it anyway. Once I reached this point I decided to give my account with more attention. I still have the site with the dropshipped products so I thought I’d start a site. This way could start my own website at no cost (back when it was free) and there wasn’t much risk involved. People do have their qualms about dropshipping but I like it so we won’t address that here. So with the Buy It Sell It site I was able to optimize my website for search engines and add to the description to make items more enticing. I like writing as well so it allows me to practice those skills as well. I have quite a few pet items with the dropship company so I decided to start a dog store. There are a TON of ceramic dog dishes so I started with that and got suggestions from the buyitsellit forums to add more items so now it’s more of a dog supply store. It’s called Dog Dish Store. About this time I also committed to making this business a success. Before this I had the attitude of “I’ll give it a shot.” This time I’m doing this UNTIL it works. Buy It Sell It did start charging a monthly fee for having more than 10 items in your store so I’m paying that now but my sales cover the fee. It’s only $9.95 per month which is very reasonable when compared to other hosting sites. Right now I’m selling an item a week and I’m hoping to increase to an item a day and only increase from there. I have high goals and high expectations. I like how it’s going so far. Even if I can’t be a stay at home mom now I’d still like to be home when the kids get off of school so a part time stay at home mom would be ok too. I just started Cat Dish Store as well.

To further try and promote my store I started a blog. I wasn't sure what to write about so I thought I would do a blog on starting my own business. This helps me stay on track. It's my to-do list and I hope it helps others that are trying to start their own business. I call the blog Diary of a Working Mom.

All of this has me extremely busy, but I enjoy doing it and maybe it will allow me to become a stay-at-home mom someday... I can only pray it will.



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